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Imagine holding a beautiful crystal jar in your hand and noticing a gentle blue hue beaming through the glass. As you bring it closer to your nose, the scent of the sea begins to wash over you - a deep blue water sea breeze mixed with the aroma of saltwater and hints of a sunset blend seamlessly together.

As you light the handmade candle within the jar, the scent intensifies and fills the air,
transporting you to a summer day along the beach. The combination of colours, light, and scent creates a distinctive summer vibe decor that invites you to relax and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

The beautiful crystal jar is a unique addition to your home decor and a perfect gift for someone special. The blue colour of the candle reflects the tranquility of the ocean, bringing a sense of serenity to every room.

Whether you choose to light it during a relaxing bath, while enjoying a good book, or as an accent piece in your decor, the deep blue water sea breeze, saltwater, and sunset scent candle is cure to leave a lasting impression.

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