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Miss Rose

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Introducing Miss Rose, the exquisite collection of handmade candles that is the latest addition to the Bohemian line. Infused with the delicate notes of rose flower and rich vanilla, each candle is an invitation to indulge in a sensory experience unlike any other.

Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, Miss Rose candles are lovingly hand-poured to create luxurious candles that enhance any home decor. The alluring aroma of rose petals and vanilla creates a blissful atmosphere and lifts your mood in an instant.

Presented in sleek red tins and available in a range of beautiful jar colours, Miss Rose candles are the perfect addition to any stylish Bohemian home.

Indulge in the rich aroma of Miss Rose candles and discover the charm and elegance of this enchanting Bohemian collection. Bring the mystical sensation of relaxation and the sweet aroma of rose gardens into your home with Miss Rose. Light up your life with our indulgent candles.

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